mcm puts safety first

Safety Training: MCM requires task specific training for each of its employees. In addition to introductory training, corporate-wide training seminars are held on a biannual basis. Open communication lines throughout all levels of operation ensure the utmost degree of security.

Site-Specific Safety Plan: Every MCM project receives its own site-specific safety plan. The plan takes into consideration particular risks and challenges presented by each specific project. Recognizing that every project is different, a site-specific safety plan prevents and solves problems before they occur.

Daily Safety Audits: Each project performed by MCM includes daily safety audits that are completed by Project Management. The audit objectively observes behavior of personnel, identifying safe work practices being implanted by MCM and its subcontractors. Any deficiencies identified are immediately corrected and noted in the daily audit. Additionally, daily toolbox safety meetings highlight a potential risk specific to the project. Questions are encouraged, and this meeting also serves to identify changing conditions to the worksite that may affect the safe performance of crews.

Empowerment: MCM empowers all of its employees to identify safety concerns. Our most valuable asset is the knowledge-base and experience of our employees. By promoting teamwork and an open communication policy, MCM is able to provide a safe worksite. A safe worksite is a requirement, but it also is owed to every employee and stakeholder of the project.

Recognition: Proctor and Gamble Safety Award Procter and Gamble has awarded MCM Management with exceptional commitment to safety and over 17,000 effort hours performed without incident. Overall, MCM performed over 100,000 man-hours on all projects without incident during the year of 1999.

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