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MCM Management Corporation, Asbestos Abatement, Demolition, Facility Maintenance
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MCM Management Corp.’s overriding commitment is to excellence of operations. Rather than grading on the “curve” established by industry standards, the MCM mission is to establish standards of performance, safety, and integrity that are not expected by the most experienced buyer of our services.

There are many major areas of expertise, focus, and investment which allow MCM clients to enjoy low cost and high performance. Capital expenditures are constant, assuring the MCM client that we will perform the work using the safest and most reliable machinery in the world. This philosophy translates into decreased cost and predictable completion of projects, even with the numerous changes that challenge schedule and budget.

Safety in the workplace and to the general public is of primary concern to MCM, as well as the Owner. Continuous training coupled with the intense application of mechanical means to eliminate the more dangerous manual methods traditionally embraced by the niche, and focused management create a culture that allows all stakeholders ownership of the benefits of total project safety.

MCM has applied our core values in the two most important non-demolition areas: asbestos abatement and industrial cleaning services. Both disciplines can exert adverse effects on the project schedule. MCM now features in house operations for each discipline. MCM has performed millions of square feet of such work without deviation of time or budget as quoted to owner at time of proposal. Using economies of scale allows massive cost reduction to the Owner. MCM’s significant skills and assets specializing in value added recycling typically generates a return for the Owner in part by routinely recycling 95% of the industrial project. This applies to any project ranging in between a 500,000-5,000,000 sq ft area.

With hundreds of years of full time demolition and decommissioning experience, MCM Management Corp. will continue to insulate clients from the many issues which plague products such as new construction, property sale, liability and budget overruns for many years to come.

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