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MCM Management Corporation, Asbestos Abatement, Demolition, Facility Maintenance
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Paint shop maintenance

Permanent MCM employee paint shop maintenance and cleaning teams

Maintenance and Cleaning

Plant-wide industrial maintenance and cleaning services

Paint spray booth services

Paint spray booth services for consistency and dependability

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is completed using state of the art industrial cleaning equipment

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance services demonstrating the impact of outsourcing; Motivation, productivity, commitment and safety = cost saving

Skilled Employees

MCM’s skilled employees are trained to maintain plant equipment and processes at peak operating efficiency as we are well aware that proper cleaning and maintenance is crucial to a plant’s operating efficiency. A few of the operating plant related services that MCM’s employees are highly trained in include:

Sludge pit cleaning

Hydro blasting to remove sludge, paint overspray, and other deposits

Vacuum services to clean out paint booths and pipes

Jet Roding to remove clogs and deposits form pipes

Chemical cleaning for specialized applications

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