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MCM Management Corporation, Asbestos Abatement, Demolition, Facility Maintenance
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The MCM asbestos crew is familiar with all types of asbestos materials: pipe insulation, mag, aircell, pressed board; boiler insulation, including heat treats; tank and duct insulation, floor tile and mastics, transite, galbestos, gaskets and roofing materials, electric wire insulation; plaster; ceiling tiles, glue pods; and they are equally familiar with the appropriate abatement technologies to comply with federal and state regulations.

MCM traditionally managed asbestos abatement that was performed by an abatement subcontractor. In 2006, recognizing the capability of streamlining schedules and controlling abatement costs, MCM developed its own in-house asbestos capability. MCM was able to assemble a team of highly experienced asbestos supervisors and workers with extensive industrial abatement experience. The thirty-man MCM core staff, many with nearly twenty years in the abatement industry, is a multi-talented workforce, experienced in all types of industrial abatement techniques:

Negative Pressure Glovebags

Negative Pressure Enclosures

Thermal Pipe Insulation (TSI)

Boiler, Tank and Duct Insulation

Breeching Ducts, Stacks

Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tile

Window Caulking




The MCM asbestos program is highly regarded by the regulatory communities in many states. MCM enforces rigid adherence to health and safety standards and conformance with state and federal regulations as primary attitudes that drive this group of outstanding workers.  Many MCM asbestos team members are also trained to deal with HAZWOPER, LEAD and CADMIUM.


Regulatory Cooperation and Compliance

Innovation in the highly regulated asbestos industry requires a thorough understanding of the underlying state and federal regulations, a strong appreciation of the regulatory community and comprehensive proposals.  In Michigan, Maryland and Indiana, MCM has garnered regulatory community approval of alternative abatement techniques that accomplish the full intent of the regulations, while improving worker and environmental safety, generating increased productivity, and therefore, lower cost.

MCM has designed its own enclosed roll-off boxes for transportation and disposal of asbestos and innovative pipe removal technology approved by several States. Government-approved creativity has saved clients millions of dollars, while elevating the health and safety of the job, the employees and the environment.




Air Monitoring/Project Design

MCM retains third party independent analytical firms to perform personal and area air monitoring of workers and the environments surrounding abatement activity. Most of the work plans addressed by MCM is developed by environmental firms retained by Project Owners. MCM also has in-house capability.

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